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Our Services

As enrolled agents we are authorized by the Federal Government to represent taxpayers.

Tax Preparation: Preparation of all required tax forms for:

Corporations, LLC’s, Small Businesses, Self-Employed and Individuals for Current Year, Previous Years, Amended Returns and Missing Returns to replace Substitute for Returns the IRS has prepared for you.

We are an authorized E-File Provider!

Installment Agreements:

Negotiating an affordable payment plan to cure your tax debt in a timely manner that is tailored to your unique financial situation.

Offer in Compromise:

Offering a substantially lower amount than what is owed to pay off existing tax liability.

Currently Non Collectible Status:

Negotiating a non-collectible status allowing you time and space to reorganize and manage your debt properly without creating a financial hardship.

Penalty Abatement:

Requesting penalty abatement’s where reasonable cause criteria exist in order to reduce the total amount due.

When the IRS has prepared a return for you, called an SFR (substitute for return) this action has been taken as a result of not receiving an original return from you. The SFR will create a tax liability and is rarely, if ever, prepared in the best interest of the taxpayer.


If you have not filed tax returns in years because you no longer have your documents and information needed to do so and the task of obtaining them seems daunting and overwhelming. Look no further for the help and relief you seek!

We can immediately obtain the necessary documents and information from the IRS and State taxing authorities in order to properly prepare and submit any missing returns and replace any SFR’s on file with the IRS.

In most cases of SFR’s, the balance due can be substantially reduced or eliminated entirely by filing a true and complete return claiming all the credits and deductions you are entitled to.

Don’t pay the IRS what you do not owe!

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